What is Google Ads Network and its types?

What is Google Ads Network and its types?

What is Google Ads Network and its types?

A Google Ads Network includes all of the places where your ads appear like on Google websites,partner webistes and on mobile apps.

The Google Ads Network is mainly divided into two parts-

  1. Google Search Network- A Google search network is a set of search related websites and applications where your ads can appear.In this network when a user searches for nearby keywords or phrases related to your ads then your ads get displayed.

Types of Ads on Google Search Network-

  • Dynamic Search Ads– Its also called as text ads or call only ads.These Ads appears with a label “Ad” or “Ads” on the search results page and also appears with the label name “Ads by Google” on the partner websites.These are the most common kinds of ads in the search network. They are often shown with help of an Ad extension which helps the advertisers to business details like phone number,email, location etc.
  • Shopping Ads– It displays and links products for sale.They are often labeled as “sponsored”.
  • Image and Video Ads– The search partner sites can put image and video ads.

Where does the Search Network Ads Appear?

  • Google Search Sites- These ads can appear above or below the organic search results.They also gets displayed on Google play store, Google shopping and Google maps.
  • Google Search Partners- Here ads appear on Google’s partner websites. For the text only ads, search partner includes hundreds of non Google websites,Google duo and other Google websites.One most important thing to be noted is the ClickThroughRate (CTR) on Google’s partner websites does not impact the quality score on google.com.

2. Google Display NetworkIts also called GDN. Google Display Network is a very important part of Google Adwords campiagn. GDN is basically a network of websites which runs Googel Ads.GDN site comprises of Google’s Partner websites like YouTube, Gmail, Playstore, Google Map and also Adsense websites which is 3 million plus.It offers multiple ad formats like image ads, text ads, video ads and rich media ads.It is a very impartant marketing tool to improve your Google Ads ROI(return on investment).

Types of Ads on Google Display Network-

  • Responsive Display Ads– To create them you have to simply enter your ad text, images and logo,then Google will automatically optimize your ads to improve its performance.
  • Gmail Ads- It is basically a expandable ad which gets displayed on the top of user’s inbox’s.
  • Uploaded Image Ads– In this a user can create an ad and upload it. You can upload ads as images in different sizes .
  • Engagement Ads- It means running engaging image and video ads on YouTube and also across the display network.

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