What is Virtual Reality?

What is Virtual Reality?

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality(VR) means experiencing the things that dont really exist with the help of computers.It is basically a world of virtual simulation which we can feel mentally and physically.

We can experience Virtual Reality with help of high performance computers and sensory equipments like headset and gloves. VR are fully explorable,interactive and fully believable.In Simple words Virtual Reality means a three dimentional((3D) computer generated environment that can be experienced by a person.

For example- Volvo, leading car brand ran a massive campiagn for car model Volvo XC 90 in which they allowed their users to into a breathtaking mountain drive with the implementation of Virtual Reality beacause of which Volve achieved a million impression in a very short period of time.

What Equipments do we need for VR?

Data Gloves

Data Gloves- A data glove is a interactive device,it is like a glove worn on our hands which facilitates tactile sensing and fine motion control in Virtual Reality.

In a Virtual Reality room data glove allows you to interact with the object normally with objects like opening a drawer or a door etc. VR helps in creating a feeling in your hands that we are really holding the objects rather than just making gestures in air.

Head-Mounted Disply(HMD)

Head-Mounted Displays- A Head Mounted Display(HMD) is just like a computer display equipment that is wearable on your head. It is basically in the form of helmet or a set of googles.

Its creators have created in a such a way that in whatever direction the user looks its monitor is always in front of his eyes.Most of the HMD’s have a screen for each eye which gives its users a feeling that the image at which he/she is looking have depth.

HMD’s comes in two models- LCD(Liquid Crystal Display) and CRT (Cathode Ray Tube).It is a virtual reality headset.

Immersive Rooms

Immersive Rooms- An Immersive Room users wear a pair of VR Glasses which displays a 3D image.The 3D effect is implemented by displaying two images i.e one image per eye which allows our brain to interpret the depth of the objects. A typical Immersive room includes the following technology-

  • Video
  • Rear projection walls
  • Down projection floors
  • Tracking sensors in the wall.

Applications of Virtual Reality(VR)

Gaming using VR

Gaming Industry- Integration of Virtual Reality has revolutionized the gaming industry.Many of the latest games you play are now using VR Technology making gaming experience more realistic.

As per the latest reports published by Market Research Future (MRFR), the global virtual reality market will grow by 30% during the review period (2017-2023), to surpass a valuation of USD 14 Billion. VR in gaming requires special gloves,glasses and head-mounted display(HMD) that gives its users a superior gaming experience.

Entertaiment using VR Tech

Entertainment Industry- In this environment the user wears Virtual Reality glasses with stereoscopic lenses which allow them to see 3D objects at different angles.In some cases they can interact with the object with the help of input devices like datagloves.

An example of this is a building in which a user can view at different angles and they can walking through out the building visiting different rooms.

Design & Architecture using VR

Industrial Design and Architecture- Earlier architects used to build models out of card and paper.but now they are making use of Virtual Reality computer models in which they can walk through and explore.

It is generally much easier to design car, airplanes and other complex vehicles on a computer screen than to modeol them in wood, plastic or other materials.

Medical Industry using VR Tech

Medicine Industry- It helps the doctors in drug design and surgical training and also helps in monitoring,examining or operating on patients remotely.An extention to this would be a surgeon in one location using Virtual Reality control panel and a robot in another location which may be an entire continent away doing the knife work.


Due to technological advancement,the use of Virtual Reality is increasing day by day.It isbeing used in various verticles and in various scenerios.Very often VR inculcates job processes and introducing fresh concepts to a large sections of a society.Thus its an easy statement to make that Virtual Reality is bringing mass revolution and is here to stay.

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